The Piper Cub E​.​P.


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released April 12, 2012

John Roeser: Guitar, Vocals
Jim Grabowski: Keys, Vocals
Greg Hamilton: Bass, Vocals
Jim Duffy: Drums

Recorded by Kris Poulin and Jeff Boyd
Mixed by Jeff Boyd and John Roeser

Artwork/design: Susannah Kite Strang



all rights reserved


INNKEEPERS Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: The Beachcomber
Beachcomber Bobby had it made
Beachcomber Bobby threw it all away
He found it hard to live
As a grand executive
He found a South Pacific hideaway

Beachcomber Bobby left the race
Beachcomber Bobby knows tomorrow's just a day
He found a place to live
To be contemplative
He found a most exclusive rockaway

He was lost in the ocean
Track Name: City Hall
I've seen you down at city hall
Where your ice floe is at the wall
I've seen you down at city hall
Consequences come to call

Because you've got a bad man
Is he in your skin
He's in your chest
Is he filling you in

I've seen you down at city hall
Where your liquor license stalled
I've seen you down at city hall
Politicians come to crawl
Track Name: Piper Cub
Airstrip in the fog
Waiting to alight
Low clouds get lost
In the Piper Cub tonight

Flying over the mountain range
Midnight sun in the morning haze
Flying over the mountain range

Off the glass, head west
Fly into the blow
Talkeetna fades
In the cold, drifting snow
Track Name: Eden Valley
So dark
On the road tonight
In mom's car
On the road tonight

At the Eden Valley street dance
She never had the ghost of a chance
She fell asleep at the wheel

She's all gone
On the road tonight
Neil Young
On KQ tonight

Be home by twelve
Her daddy says, or else
You'll never come home again
Never come home again
Track Name: $1000
You shipped out
And you don't look back
Mom and dad, better think fast
You struck out
On the Greyhound bus
West coast, setting sun

You've got $1000
Can't be too hard
You know a couple couches
You're going to be a star

You cut out
And you cut it clean
Champagne, L.A. dream
You made out
With so many queens
Drink down forgotten scenes

You've got $1000
Can't be too hard
You know a couple hombres
You're going to be a star
Track Name: Wander Woods
Put on some pants, for heaven's sake
Do you feel like a washed up reprobate
We've all been there

Wandering in the woods for the rest of your days
Did you see me there
The lime of the light is beginning to fade
Did you see me there

The light of the moon is as bright as day
The tracks disappear across the lake
We're going there